I am a Finnish classroom teacher and the founder and director of Environment Online - ENO, a global virtual school and network for sustainable development. ENO has spread to 10 000 schools in 157 countries. It has been very rewarding to see the enthusiasm of people involved. Although it has not been easy. I have faced big difficulties with funding. After teaching 25 years I made it. I left my teacher job and concentrated only on ENO.

During the years, I have been lucky to meet wonderful people, teachers, students and communities. They are my heroes, work voluntarily in ENO and empower others to join.  I am also greatly inspired by two persons who have dedicatied their life to do good. See their comments below. 

Jane Goodall: "I whole-heartedly support Mika as he has proven time and again his dedication to resolving environmental issues by engaging individuals and communities across continents.  He is truly an inspiration."

Esa Saarinen, philosopher: "Mika is a true innovative spirit, a warrior of a mighty cause, a man of integrity, vision and skills, a great soul and craftsman who turns into reality the dream of sustainable future that all of us share but only a few realize in action. Mika leads the way, one of the truly great Finns of our time."