• 2 May 2014 - to Yellowstone

    2 May 2014 - to Yellowstone

    Due to our late arrival at Bozeman, I only had time to participate one meeting at Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks. A wolf Management Specialist told us about their efforts to remove the wolf from the endangered species list. The wolf team works throughout the state monitoring the wolf population, investigating wolf reports, working with landowners, and doing public outreach to support wolf conservation.

    Then we headed to Yellowstone, one of highlights for many of us. We met mr Al Nash, Nationsl Park Service Ranger. He made an excellent presentation about the unique ecosystem of this natural park underscoring the various governmental initiatives to sustain the ecology of this place. We checked in at Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel, an old and idyllic hotel inside the park. Elks were having dinner underneath my room windiow. We explored hot springs in the evening and made a group meeting where we shared our reflections between two teams. And were getting ready for the next day in Yellowstone.

     Mr Nash and his presentation in Yellowstone.

    Old style at hotel.