• 4 May 2014 - Scarface and Bison Chili

    4 May 2014 - Scarface and Bison Chili

    Today it was time to say farewell to Yellowstone. During our bus travel we stopped in some places and explored wildlife. We saw a Grizzly Bear again and a lot of bisons and other wildlife. It was easy to identify animals as people were watching them beside road. Suddenly a ranger stopped our bus and told us about Scarface. They do not give names for Grizzly Bears but have named this one because of its scars. Scarface was an old bear with poor teeth. It was really big, estimated weight 350 pounds ( 158 kg).

    After Yellowstone we came to Bozeman and Hotel Holiday Inn. We had a wonderful home hospitality at Laura Fedro's home, togethe with her husband Cliff and their son Gus.  We enjoyed a superb dinner, bison chili and vegane chili  and icecream and strawberries for dessert. I really enjoyed this meeting and our conversations. And Gus played guitar after dinner while I performed an old song by the Eagles. Laura brought us to hotel and showed us main street of Bozeman. This family uses organic farm products, very recommendable and good example to other people!

    Now its time to go to sleep because of an early drive at 4AM to the airport. Heading to Hawaii.

    Ranger and his story about Scarface, an old Grizzly Bear in Yellowstone.

    At Laura Fedro's home. Thank you!