• 8 May 2014 -Waimea Valley and Hanauma Bay & my song about the trip

    8 May 2014 -Waimea Valley and Hanauma Bay & my song about the trip

    After two days on other islands it was time to see Oahu. We started with Waimea Valley. It is deeply rooted in Hawaiian history and continues to be a respite for Hawaiian spirituality and traditions. Its mission is to preserve and perpetuate the human, cultural and natural resources of Waimea for generations through education and stewardship. We had a private tour at Waimea Valley where we learned about the Valley's efforts to maintain a healthy, natural habitat for native flora, fauna and wildlife. We also got to know about Native Hawaiian culture, from traditional games to storytelling. 

    Our second meeting was on Hanauma Bay. It is a natural beauty that has been a major attraction for both tourists and locals for decades. After years of overuse and abuse, the fragile ecosystem began to fall apart. Through partnerships with the State and City and County of Honolulu, a fierce effort was put to forth to revive and protect the Bay. Now much healthier, Hanauma Bay is a prime example of balancing conservation and tourism.  

    During our bus drive we also practised a song I made about our trip called Traveling Three Weeks. It appeared to be easy enough for the group and I think they liked it. Stay tuned for tomorrow's blog!