• 9 May 2014 - Closing and showing US to US

    9 May 2014 - Closing and showing US to US

    Three weeks went fast. Today it was our last day in the programme.  In the morning the participants gave feedback about the programme and we got our certificates.  Most of the group followed me and my optional programme to visit Punahou School in Honolulu. It is the same school from where Barack Obama had graduated. We visited the school that is the largest private school in US. School is very advanced and uses advanced technology for the environment. Children grow their own vegetables and school is a unique learning environment. It was interesting to see also that our US hosts were amazed about this school.  In this case they learned about their country because of me.

    Circle closed. I met my friend Angela Church ( teacher at Punahou) who organised our visit. I have known her for about 20 years and finally was able to meet her face-to-face. Her pupils song my song Hi and ho we plant trees, together with our group. Photos to be out soon.

    And yes. We took a photo in the same place where Barack Obama had his class photo in 1979.

    This trip was an awesome experience. Thanks for everybody, especially AWESOME ASHLEY HARDAWAY!

    Yes. I did a song about our trip and the video will be soon available. But here are the lyrics.

    Traveling three weeks

    1.We started our journey
    in Washington DC
    Meetings after meetings
    So much to hear and see 
    Photos after photos 
    And free dress codes
    At Shenandoah Park
    On those country roads

    2. Then some went to Florida
    Some to Portland, Maine
    B-lovely team had cold days
    But still is not insane.
    Sunshine in Florida
    with many "Oh My God"
    Lobsters, alligators
    See you later, we got stuck.


    Travelling three weeks
    In four different states
    Snowy mountain peaks
    Warm islands and Lakes

    New friends on our ways
    Nice guys and their care
    I still recall these days
    in my rocking chair.

    3. Montana, Yellowstone 
    with breathtaking views
    Old Faithful and volcanoes
    And Joydeep's trekking shoes
    Bisons and grizzly bears
    Bus driver told a joke
    We gotta stop it here
    As someone wants to smoke.

    4. Finally we entered
    Nature's wonderland
    The sound of ukulele 
    doesn't need a band
    Hawaian harmony
    Brought tears in my eyes
    Though we'll soon apart
    This trip stays in my heart.



    Waikiki Beach.