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From Gesture to Global Movement: The Power of the Seed Greet

At the core of the "Plant and Care for Peace" initiative lies a profound symbol that has grown to embody hope, collaboration, and our collective mission to nurture the planet and foster peace: the Seed Greet. This gesture, born from my moment of inspiration and deeply rooted in the symbolism of our logo, has become a dynamic emblem of unity and environmental care. As its creator, I've witnessed the Seed Greet evolve from a simple idea into a powerful tool for global connection and action.

Embracing the Gesture Globally

Since its inception, the Seed Greet has garnered incredible support worldwide. Individuals, communities, and organizations from various countries have embraced this gesture, sharing their moments of unity through video clips in their native languages. These gestures are more than just actions; they are expressions of a shared commitment to peace and environmental stewardship.

From the bustling streets of cities to the serene calm of rural landscapes, these contributions demonstrate that the care for our Earth is a universal language. Each unique video adds to the narrative of our global movement, illustrating that, despite our diverse backgrounds, we share common goals.

The first demonstration in Medan, January 2024

The Essence and Practice of the Seed Greet

Inspired by the imagery of our logo—hands cupping a seedling with roots forming a peace symbol—I designed the Seed Greet as a three-part gesture to symbolize potential, commitment, and collective effort:

  • Cup one hand: Holding the seed of peace, brimming with potential for growth and harmony.

  • Mimic planting with the other hand: Demonstrating our dedication to environmental care and nurturing peace.

  • Bring hands together: Showcasing our united effort to support and nurture growth and peace.

To bring this vision to life and share the Seed Greet with the world please find a video demonstration that not only shows the gesture but also invites you to join us in this global movement.

Joining Hands in Spreading Seeds of Peace

The Seed Greet has crossed international borders, becoming a universal sign of unity and environmental stewardship. It's a clear demonstration of how a simple gesture can unite people across the globe. Here's how you can join this expanding movement:

  • Share Your Seed Greet: Let your gesture join the global collection of solidarity for peace and environmental care by sharing your own Seed Greet video.

  • Inspire and Be Inspired: Explore the collection of Seed Greet videos from around the world on our platform. Share these stories to inspire others and showcase the strength of our collective voice.

  • Beyond the Gesture: Take part in tree planting, join our community and other actions that embody the spirit of the Seed Greet, turning symbolic gestures into tangible change.

  • Amplify Our Message: Use your platforms to spread the word about the Seed Greet. Every conversation sparked is a step towards a more peaceful and greener world.

Your Impact Echoes

The Seed Greet has shown me the power of collective action and the impact of shared symbols. Whether through a video, planting a tree, or sparking a conversation, your participation adds to a larger narrative of hope and proactive change. Together, we're not just planting seeds in the soil; we're nurturing seeds of peace and sustainability in hearts and communities everywhere.

Let's continue to grow this movement, spreading the seeds of peace through every gesture, word, and action. Join me, and let's make the Seed Greet a lasting symbol of hope and positive change around the world.

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Bushra Naqvi
Bushra Naqvi
Mar 19

Wow Mika ! you never leave a chance to inspire more and more with every passing day.

Proud to be working with you and sharing what ever in my capacity

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