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Planting Seeds of Change


From Finnish Classrooms to Global Reforestation

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Mika Vanhanen is a pioneer of digital education in Finnish classrooms, leading to ENO - connecting global students for environmental change. With 30M+ trees planted and ties from ambassadors to the UN, Mika's influence is vast. As TreebuddyEarth's Treemaster, his legacy blends education, nature, and harmony. 



Planting trees and building bridges 

Mika began his journey as a passionate educator in Finland during the early 1990s. He quickly embraced the power of computers and Internet in education, using them to connect his students with schools across the globe and fostering a worldwide community.

In 2000, Mika founded the "Environment Online School" (ENO), a platform that brought together schools and students for environmental causes. Thanks to the collaboration of over 10,000 schools from 150 countries, ENO has been instrumental in planting 30 million trees. By 2024, ENO will mark 20 years of dedication to global reforestation and fighting climate change.

In addition to his digital initiatives, Mika has organized international summits, collaborating with global entities, including the United Nations, to further his environmental mission.

Mika's love for music has also shone through, with compositions inspired by nature and unity. His tree-planting songs and music  blending conservation efforts with melodies of peace, have resonated with many.

Mika loves to run and has covered tens of thousands of kilometres. Running gives him energy and symbolizes his connection to both people and our planet.

As a respected Treemaster at TreebuddyEarth, he champions transparent tree-planting projects and has built a trusted global community focused on long-term environmental care. His work shows his love for teaching, nature, and life itself.



Mika Vanhanen  (CV here)



Renowned environmentalist and educator with over 25 years of experience driving global sustainability and environmental awareness through innovative educational projects. Founder of the award-winning "Environment Online - ENO," reaching over 10,000 schools in 157 countries. Currently an entrepreneur at TreebuddyEarth, dedicated to proactive tree planting and care.


Work History:

  • Vajrakila Innovations Oy, Treebuddy & Envirate (2020 - Present)

  • CEO, Environment Online – ENO, The ENO Programme Association, Joensuu (2013-2020)

  • Founder & Coordinator of Environment Online – ENO, The City of Joensuu, Joensuu (2000-2013)

  • Program Coordinator, The GLOBE Program, Eno Primary School (1995-2000)

  • Classroom Teacher, The Municipality of Eno, Eno (1989-1999)

  • Music Teacher, The City of Outokumpu, Outokumpu (1988-1989)



  • Master of Arts, The University of Joensuu (1988)

  • Continuing education in ICT and Science (1995-2002)



  • Environment Online – ENO: An initiative emphasizing local environmental awareness with a global perspective, currently active in over 100 countries.

  • ENO Tree Planting Achievements: Launched in 2004, over 30 million trees planted by schools worldwide by 2017.

  • ENO International Conferences: Organized and participated in multiple ENO conferences worldwide, including Finland, South Africa, Taiwan, and more.



Received numerous accolades for contributions to environmental education, including:


  • Microsoft Roadahead Prize (1997)

  • EcoG@llery Europe (2000)

  • Childnet Awards (2001)

  • WWF Panda Prize (2004)

  • Energy Globe Awards (2008)

  • State Award for Public Information, Ministry of Education, Finland (2011)

  • Finalist in UN Forest Heroes Awards (2012)

  • Finalist for The Nordic Environment Prize (2016)

  • Act of Year (The Finnish Association For Nature Conservation) for organizing World Summit of Students for Climate (2019)


... [and more].

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